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I think it’s impossible to feel ‘ready’ for day care when in America us ladies only get 12 weeks off, some only get 6 weeks, which should be a crime. It’s such a sad thought that in less than 4 weeks I will be dropping off my baby cub for full time day care. It makes me sad, but unfortunately it is what is it. So… better to be prepared right?!

Yesterday evening I went and packed up our first day care bag… and to my surprise I had a LOT more things than I initially thought I would have! To the point where I couldn’t find a bag big enough that wasn’t a case… so thankfully I found our Boppy packaging which is see through.

So what have I packed?! I did a post about this before when I was getting ready and I seeked out advice.. I welcome you to comment if I have missed anything!

  • bag
  • wipes (your day care will state how much they would like I have 4 packs)
  • Diapers (your day care will state how much they would like. I put in a pack)
  • Blanket which is also a swaddle and familiar to cub
  • 2 pacifiers in labeled zip lock bag
  • 2 outfits with spare socks in labeled zip lock bag
  • Diaper cream
  • 2 crib sheets

How far in advance did you prepare your things for your babies first day at Day Care? Next I will need to start getting ready for work… I just hope everything fits! Eeeeek!


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