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I’m actually a little excited about pulling together work outfits for 2019! I’ve decided to be bolder with my fashion choices – as y’all know I’m not a huge lots of make-up fan but one of my resolutions is to be better at doing my hair – daily!! I’m determined this year and very much looking forward to finally getting it dyed next week – too many grey hairs!

So today while feeling horrific from this f-ing Bug I sneaked onto ASOS and maybe purchased a dress for work… hope hubs isn’t reading this but if he is it was $20 reduced from $69!! PLUS it’s scuba material which means sucks me in all the right places (or so I hope!!) and I will be doing a post of scuba material clothing soon!

As well as doing my hair better next year I want to add more pops of color in my everyday outfits especially for work. So here is a little something I pulled together!

So this GORGEOUS Oscar De La Renta statement necklace was my Christmas present from my hubs (he has pretty amazing taste!) but this is exactly what you need to set off the entire outfit.

What are your fashion resolutions for next year?!


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