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Anyone else looking for magic material to hide all your body sins – maybe hide your mom tum?! Hmm I think I’ve found the cure, and no it’s not spandex! Scuba fabric!!!

You’ve heard about it in the latest fashion magazines and online, but what exactly is scuba fabric?

Scuba fabric is the fashion version of neoprene, the skin-tight fabric used by scuba divers. Scuba is a double-knit fabric, usually made of Polyester mixed with either Lycra or Spandex.

Neoprene has become increasing popular as a material to wear on the high street because many of the qualities that make it great for use in factories, like stain resistance and general durability, make it great for clothing, too.

The fabric is thick and doesn’t breathe, making neoprene a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe, and the thickness also allows for creation of more structured pieces. The weight of neoprene also means form-fitting skirts and dresses are more forgiving.

You’ll never run the risk that your bodycon skirt or tight leggings are accidentally a little bit see-through. The material is always opaque, and its resiliency means it doesn’t really stretch out.

The material is also crazy comfortable! Perfect for work outfits or occasion wear. I mentioned in previous post I just picked up this gorgeous hot pink scuba dress in the ASOS sale…

But there are many more options to try and all at various prices! I honestly feel this is a hidden trend with not enough press!


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