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So the davidson household is finally feeling better after the crazy bug – nice to be down to my prepregancy weight just need to tone up my entire body! Funny when you think just losing the weight your body will be back to ‘normal’ but what you are wishing for is your ‘old’ body back! I’m still getting used to my ‘new’ one!

Anyways, what are your plans for New Year’s Eve? I’m not gonna lie I’ve never been a huge NYE fan but the one thing I ensure year after year is not being hungover on the 1st and I need to have fun active plans PLUS my crazy OCD kicks in about now to clean everything out (yup we just spent the evening rearranging our living room!). So who knows what our plans with be, having an 8 month old I can’t imagine anything wild!

Now, as you must know by now I bloody love gold jewelry! I am trying to venture outside my comfort zone of wearing earrings and bracelets, I just sometimes think less is more … I always wear the same necklace (my Carrie Bradshaw necklace) and usually a statement one! I love wearing rings – I think that’s more my thing! But now I’m really loving bracelets and of course mixing it up with my iwatch!

I just recently found this cute ‘active’ leopard print strap for my watch – it surprisingly goes with most of my wardrobe (not hard when it’s mustard, khaki, black and grey!) from amazon for less than $10! So use your iwatch as an accessory too!

The bracelets are kate spade, Michael kors and ASOS.

So mix it up a little, do something different for new year!


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