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It seems like we’re constantly plugged in: scrolling through social media, listening to podcasts, and streaming TV shows take up all of our free time. But have you ever stopped to just take a big breath and be mindful?

I’m not gonna lie my last post on my insta was Christmas Day – it’s actually been refreshing taking a little break until the new year and plus it gives me more time to focus on the things that are important – not just how many likes I get under my pictures.

“Mindfulness” what does this mean?!

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment,[1][2][3] which one can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training.

It means it means to “hit pause, slow down, try to let go of the endless stream of thoughts, and just focus on what’s in front of us.” This means being aware of your surroundings and your thoughts, and to be fully present.

Since we are so used to having distractions running in the background — listening to music in the car, watching TV while cooking, streaming a podcast while out walking — it’s rare we are actually present and focused on what we are doing.

This is one of my resolutions for next year. Already I get limited time with my baby cub and for me to zone out once she went to bed I would be trying to pick the perfect picture and caption, instead of focusing on my blog, or making dinner or doing another hobby.

Here are some of the ways I am trying to be more mindful…

🌈Take a bath and zone out (add a bath bomb and body scrub along with a sheet mask)

🌈 Watch a feel good film with a loved one (no phones!)

🌈 Go to a yoga class and/or meditate

🌈 Go to bed early and read (no social media!)

🌈 Organize a fun night out doing something different with your friends (try something new!)

🌈 Listen to a new podcast on your commute

🌈 Go for a long walk

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