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Since I was a little girl I used to LOVE rearranging my room and changing things around. Which is odd because when it comes to change in life I detest it! Maybe it’s because changing furniture is within my control… anyways, I especially love decluttering, clearing out and moving round furniture before the end of the year. This includes taking down Christmas decorations before the bells so you are going into the new year fresh!

Why would you not want to start the new year off best you can?!

Last night I even roped my hubs in to help change round our living room for a fresher look.

Here is before:

And now after…

Now I do have some tips on why you should be changing round your rooms, so enjoy!!

1. Save your flooring. By moving your furniture around periodically it saves your flooring from wear and traffic patterns so extending life!

2. Take advantage of changing light conditions. As the light changes from summer to winter the way your room performs changes as well. You may prefer to block a bit of bright sunlight from the TV screen with the low winter light, and will want to take advantage of long summer days other times.

3. Maximize solar performance. Think of your sofa as a giant solar heat collector and push it closer to the sunny winter window perfect for curling up on cold winter days in the warm sun, while in the summer you may want to move it further away to avoid having to turn the AC on. This is what we just did!!

4. It’s so much easier to clean.

Moving your furniture around gives you the best chance to clean under and around things. Get those hard to reach corners and under the sofa where the dog stores all of his toys. Use this as an opportunity to do a really good deep clean a few times a year. CRAZY how much is under sofa…

5. Change is good. Moving your furniture around gives it new life and helps you appreciate it in a way that you hadn’t previously.

Let me know if you give it a go, you have a couple of days!!


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