a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Well 3 hours to go until the New Year and we are back all comfortable on the sofa in our pajamas after having a family meal with our besties – delicious duck among other treats and good chat! Perfect end to year!

Crazy another year has come and gone, this one we met our beautiful smiley baby cub, she’s already 8 months old! Just that in itself has kept us busy! Having her here in our world has taught me what I’m looking for in a family and what I’ve always been craving. It’s made me determined already to ensure we have a different relationship with her than either of us do with our families.

This year I feel I’ve grown so much, professionally I feel I’ve found my voice and confidence (which is good and bad!!), I have been asked to be a bridesmaid TWICE for 2019 (this is one of my dreams!!!) which is the biggest honor, we have been on awesome trips with our friends who have become our extended families here, we are beyond lucky with our support network AND if that’s not enough I turned 30! Eeeek!

I remember going into this year feeling scared because I knew our baby would be coming out! I was scared how I would be as a mom and with going back to work.

I’m going into 2019 more excited than I’ve ever been before because I have the faith that great things happen to good hard working people… who aren’t afraid to ask for it ;)! Maybe that’s the key?!

So what outfit did I wear tonight to take in the new year? (Even though I’m back in pjs! I’m obviously not that dedicated a fashion blogger!!)

Adidas leopard print sneakers, Calvin Klein jeans, Gucci belt, ASOS white tee and j crew leopard print cardigan.

Wearing Brenda Grands Luna necklace and Tiffany & co ring.

And one of my resolutions is to wear brighter lipstick so why not start as I mean to go on?!

It’s called Ink Velvet. It’s ridiculously smooth on application – I had to put on a couple of applications for better coverage but it lasts and doesn’t fade.

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