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Do you not find that it’s sometimes impossible to find cute office appropriate tops for work? I don’t feel comfortable wearing spaghetti strap tops to work, unless under a cardigan or blazer, but 9/10 I want to take my blazer off half way through the day, and there is something about seeing too much flesh at work I just don’t think is suitable (gosh how old do I sound?!). I also think it’s a challenge to find tops that go with a range of ‘bottom’ such as skirts, pants and also to be versatile enough you can wear and want to wear outside of work. 


Maybe this is why we (I’m generalizing presuming I’m in the norm majority) always tend to stick with colors that you know will match most of your closet. My colors are black, mustard, khaki, pink and gray! Yup, I literally just summed up my entire wardrobe in 5 colors! 


So, as part of my resolution and changing positions I wanted to step up my work-outfit-game and also have fun with it. I HATE wearing the same thing over and over, I like to make little changes, whether pairing up with different heels, or blazer etc… so how do I always manage to create a different look more or less daily? I stick to wardrobe staples, like keeping my work shoes nude/black most of the time as they got with EVERYTHING! I try to keep a blank canvas then do a pop of color, or pattern, or accessories. I only try to focus on one highlight (less is more and all that!)!


Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles to find tops to wear, especially when it’s not summer and I can’t get away with throwing on a dress. I have found Amazon fashion to be VERY helpful and I wanted to highlight a couple of items I have recently purchased that allow me to be VERSITLE but creating different looks WHILE BEING FLATTERING! And the price helps also!

Peplum Long Sleeve Ribbed Knit Ruffle Hem

Comes in 11 other colors for only $17!

Mini-Ribbed Stretch Scoop Neck Tank Top

Comes in 6 other colors and $8!


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