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Be physically active. Exercise busts stress, boosts the mood, and elevates our energy level, not to mention the heart health benefits. All activity counts.

I L O V E walking, I also love running but walking is more personal. Basically I get to talk and gossip without being out of breath!

Let’s brainstorm about activities that will fit into your life: Maybe make your next meeting a walking one, or take a brisk walk at lunchtime. Try a few minutes on the exercise bike in the kitchen, or dancing around your living room in your socks (this is what I do nightly!!)

On my very busy days, I make sure I take the stairs whenever I have the option. I park farther away than I need to and walk a little more. If I’m going to the grocery store and I only need a few things, I use a hand basket instead of a cart. It. All. Counts. And the more, the better.

• You can be more spontaneous: Walking does not need to have a set destination—you can pick a neighborhood or city area or a nature path to walk around, and just get going. And if you are walking to a specific location, you can always decide to change your minds and explore a bit! The choice is up to you and the squad.

• It’s more intimate: Talking to each other face to face is one of life’s most simple yet irreplaceable joys. Walking gives you more chances to learn about each other, which makes it a great icebreaker activity with someone you don’t know well. Take pictures. Talk about your worries. Joke around. Enjoy simply being with each other at this time in your lives.

So get out there and get some fresh air with your friends. Everyone can have a good time. Whether you walk for an hour around the city or ten minutes to the local store, it’s worth it. Best part of walking? It costs you nothing—and, after all, as everyone likes to say: “The best things in life are free!”

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