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Feel like it’s been too long since I’ve passed on any beauty skin tips so why not now, start the week BEAUTY FILLED (see what I did there… genius!)

🌈 SHEETMASKS for the plane/travel. Honestly cannot stress how important this is to give your skin some love during travel, especially if 🥃 is involved in the trip which dries out your skin.

To make your sheetmask work BETTER apply it ON TOP of your moisturizer. Sheet mask push hydrating ingredients into the skin. This isn’t just for travel, do this once or twice a week before bed!

I used Sephora own brand Pearl sheet mask with tea tree eye patches to help brighten up my under eye (tea tree for the caffeine)

🌈 When it comes to layering for skin care products you need to learn patience. You can’t just put them on one after the other and expect to get the best results.

For each product let them absorb into your skin for at least two to three minutes (in the mornings this is when I will get cubs bottle ready, then let the dogs out, then I will get my bag ready in between each stage!)

🌈 Puffy Eyes… urgh they are the WORST! Now, a great tip is to get an ice cube and massage it round your eyes when you first wake up. This tightens the skin and takes the puffiness down. If this is an every day wake up to puffy eyes (not just drinking too much at weekend!!) then try again another pillow under your head. Gravity drains enough pluff up help with the next day tired eyes!


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