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I first joined the Merchant Navy as a deck cadet 17 years of age! My first trip on a ship I took an oversized bag and so many toiletries. Unfortunately I never actually planned what I needed so I ended up with the most inappropriate products for a ship!

13 years on (holy shit that makes me feel old!) I think I have mastered the ‘simplistic traveling luggage’, which means I only take items I will wear and use as I’m planning out my days realistically (plus always an extra bra, pants, socks and tee.. just in case!)

I have a drawer at home which spilled into a cupboard which houses all my miniature beauty products for travel, anything from toothpaste, to shampoo, skin care products… you name it I’ve got it! It’s important to always keep your skin guessing and not allow it to become complacent with your skin care routine, so when I travel I take advantage of the time to try a new product!

Last weekend while I was in California I packed minimal make-up items, but investing… maybe not investing as you can find an inexpensive palette from great brands. I always go for neutral and natural shades which suit my skin. PLUS ones that have blusher and bronzer.

Here are a couple I found a couple in different price points: if I had all the money in the world I would get Tom ford!!


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