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How often do you wash your hair during the week? Is it every night? Is it once a week? What is your magic number?

Honestly, I will typically wash mine twice a week, isn’t that crazy?! I used to be an every-night-gal and I don’t want to blame it on mum life, but I’m about to! Dry shampoo has been a life saver (please note for best results you need to use it the night before, as during the night it will soak up excess oils and leave your hair fresher in the morning as it has time to work opposed to spraying it on in the morning then 10 minutes later expecting it to have worked!) like it’s now a NEED TO HAVE in my everyday (every night!) beauty routine. I would love to give you a beauty reason to why I don’t wash it more, but sadly it’s just down to laziness. I’ve realized I can get away with leaving it, and honestly NOW I have beauty reasons because my hair has never looked better and healthier (maybe not on the 4th day!!) PLUS it’s growing which has never been the case. I don’t blow dry it, I curl it maybe once every two weeks on those special occasions where I want to make the effort! I typically will put serum brush using my tangle tweezer and then I put it into a bun or plait and I’m good to role!


Also, I’m curious on hair, skin and nail vitamins y’all are using? I have tried multiple ones in the past but now I’ve been using targets own brand which are pretty good


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