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Honestly to me Amazon is very under rated when it comes to fashion. Firstly, it’s dirt cheap, secondly the quality is pretty impressive. I’ve picked up a couple of pieces for work in the past, but after seeing blogger who I follow in Houston (Brittney) who has an amazing bod and I know my body is nothing alike, but it’s nice being able to see what it looks like on a normal person. So I thought I would do the same with this jumpsuit she recommended. I’m a size 4-6 and picked up a medium. It was $20!! I will link it for you guys. It came in a couple of colors but I got the Khaki one to match and tie into my wardrobe. Always good to keep within the same palette as it makes it easier to pair up with other pieces – yes even if it’s a bargain price! You want more wear right?! That’s the whole point of a bargain! 

You can dress it up with heels, belt and clutch for nights out with your girlfriends, or for travelling pair with sneakers, or for beach with sunhat and off shoulder. It’s great to find such a versatile piece (means I can justify it better to hubs!)


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