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Y’all, I have been self-conscious of my teeth for as long as I could remember. I hate them, wayyy more than my nose. It’s actually made me appreciate my nose! I FINALLY bit the bullet and have started Invisalign treatment. So why now? Well firstly I must have hidden my hatered for my teeth well as I don’t even think my hubs knew how self-conscious I was of them. I remember going to a contractor event at my previous role and someone who was drinking said within a minute of talking to me, jeeez look at your teeth, I remember being on my henny with my girlfriends and looking through pictures of the nights out and one of the girls said ooooh toothy! I literally could bring up multiple times where I have felt horrific inside about my teeth. Now, I believe you should embrace how you look, I don’t think I would get a nose job even though I used to HATE my nose, I wouldn’t get lipo because it’s a short term fix, I wouldn’t get fillers, BUT I get botox once a year around my eyes, I would experiment with facial treatments so why not braces?! With helps to my dentist who encouraged me to take this next step as I basically cried in front of him, and btw dentists are MUCH nicer here in the US compared to the UK!


·       After getting over the price of the treatment, thankfully my kind insurance will pay a certain amount, that helps! I’ve nearly completed my first week out of 30! Now, Invisalign, if you don’t know what is it, is an alternative to braces and surgery to correct bite and straighten teeth, plus they are invisible over your teeth so it’s less obvious.  You keep them on for 22 hours a day, but take off to eat your meals and clean. When you have them in you can only drink water, as it’s clear! I also drink sparkling water! 


·       I carry round a tooth brush, travel case and tooth paste at all times so I’m ready to take them off to eat then put them back on. I went to a wedding last weekend, and thought man If I drink this entire time they will need to be out, so I didn’t drink the entire evening because I’m committed to this treatment!


·       I’m eating a LOT less because it’s too much effort to take off every time I want a coffee, tea or snack during the day. I already feel like I’m lighter – maybe this is a great way to shift the last bit of baby weight!! I have to admit, it’s only been a week but by the time I get home I’m starving and ready for dinner!


·       I miss already wearing lipstick! Now I will need to concentrate on my eyes, as I know I will need to ruin my lipstick to take the retainers out and then put back in… which I haven’t perfected yet!


·       I actually have taken my polish off my nails, as firstly I broke two, then I’ve chipped the polish, so that’s going to be an adjustment for the next 7 months just with taking them on and off


·       Kissing is a little awkward, I’m sure it’s the same with normal braces, but it’s just not hot…!


·       I have never brushed my teeth as much as I’m doing right now! They are going to be ridiculously white and cleaner than ever before!


·       Already, I can see the attachment stains so easily. I recently bought cleaner, as from the instructions you soak in water and rinse in water, but it’s crazy how dirty they get. I’m lucky as I’m changing my every week but damn you have to look after them. 

I’m beyond excited about this journey to a better me, or better teeth. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and honestly there would never be the right time so why not now! Let me know if you have done before and how your results were.


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