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Why so many women are in love with it?

Well, I guess it’s all about versatility. It ideally matches both skinny and curvy bodies making everyone look special and sophisticated. It can be super extravagant with huge folded circles around waist, hips or shoulders. If you want to underline your understated elegance, then peplums is what you really need! It can look super avant-garde, edgy or classy. All depends how you gonna style and wear it. Tops are much easier to pull off and there will be no problem to pair them with maxi skirts, minis, A-line styles, cut-offs, trousers, shorts, etc. If you choose a top in bright color, print or the one made of leather, then you better style it with neutral color bottoms. If you are more into peplum bottoms, then I would say bottoms are more relaxed and edgier. A peplum skirt can be easily teamed with tucked in shirts, tank tops, and hot heels.

Found this peplum skirt in a vintage shop in the heights.

Mustard peplum sleeves top from


I almost forgot to mention my love to peplum dresses. You can easily find the one that can make you look at your best.


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