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I recently ordered an eye shadow off Birchbox and to my surprise they sent me an additional product! Which as you know I love love love trying new products!

Above picture was my usual make-up but with addition of this eye liner!

Firstly, I thought argh not another eye liner, until I took off the cap and realized it was an eye brightener. I have been looking for one to add to my make-up collection so perfect!

The pencil has a bright, white crisp look to the packaging with a green band in the middle and a pale pink section at the end to highlight the pale pink shade of the pencil.

The pencil is a beautiful light pink shade which looks like it would be too light in the pencil but suits my skin tone so well. It brightened the waterline and looked so beautiful. I found it glided onto the eye easily with minimal effort and it didn’t even feel like I was wearing make up which is perfect as I hate having itchy or irritated eyes from make up, or even just the feel of the products on the skin.

The below picture I have zero make up and it was 4pm in the afternoon.

The eyeliner lasted really well on the eyes staying on the waterline and lasting well through the day and really did brighten my eyes. I think this will be going into my everyday make up for me to use more regularly.

Overall I found this really lovely, I am usually weary of brands I haven’t heard of so when I got this in my Birchbox I was a little sceptical and I am very pleased to say I love it so much.


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