a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

I’m sure you can see from my pictures I’m definitely not a typical ‘blogger’ who looks picture perfect all the time and has a professional photography on hand… nope! Most of my pictures are used with my iPhone by myself and if I’m lucky hubs catches a great moment I add that to my collection !

I’ve also always been that girl who always looks a little bit messy, like I just can’t perfect the perfect look! It’s too hard! So this is me learning to embrace who I am …

However, I have tried over the last year since I switched hair dressers to really start investing in my hair care, maintenance and also how I style it! I’ve managed to perfect my hair routine and wanted to share some tips with the girls who are like me and looking to get out the house in as little time as possible but still look cute!

This took me minutes! So when I wash my hair I apply living proof night cap cream (only hair product I use after trying EVERYTHING). I use tangle tweezer then pleat it and leave it then before I go to bed I take it down and sleep on a silk pillow.

In the morning I don’t brush it but take sections using a larger curling iron then once done I use my hands to brush through and good to go! I don’t use any other product as I’m conscious of using a heating device!

This style will last me a couple of days. Tonight I will spritz some dry shampoo to soak up excess oils overnight so it’s fresh in morning!

Today’s outfit details is MK dress and Kate Spade purse!


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