a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Yesterday evening a hosted a mini slumber party with some of the girls – wearing my new Kate Spade pajamas (half price at the outlets, LOVE finding comfortable bargains!)

Everything from nails, to face, hair, foot AND eye masks! Each girl got a goodie bag of beauty delights (thank you amazon and Ipsy! I think I’m your best customer!)

Honestly it’s so nice just to have an evening in with the girls chatting about all things! I’m really bad for doing lots during the day at the weekends now with our cub going home doing the fun routine then just going to bed, so to have company in my own home was lovely!!

Thought I’d do a nice welcome for the girls… another neighborhood bargain!!

Please don’t ever pay full price for stuff unless it’s jimmy Choos! Head to outlets or wait for sales online!


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