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I would have written 31 things you must do before you turn 31 as a title but unfortunately I couldn’t think of 31 and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s reading time!

On my birthday eve, I’m sure like everyone it makes me reflect back over the last year and how I feel about ‘life’! I think I used to be a lot more miserable, I’d always be comparing myself to others and the worst trait was I never thought I was in a good enough position within my career for all the work I’ve done… then 6 or so years ago I changed my outlook in general. I took a step back and realized how bloody lucky I was, with my health, opportunities, friends my husband and honestly ever since then I’ve appreciated every single day! Since then and it certainly didn’t change over night, but I slowly became a happier person, more confident within myself and the life I’m building. I stop comparing and start to celebrate my friends success because that’s how it should be!

Anyways… let’s get to it! Excuse my two cents above! So here are my MUST do things before you turn 31!!! I’ve got 4 hours left of being 30 so it’s game over for me!!

1.Go to the cinema on your own!

Please do this, just once! Go in, pick a great seat, take some popcorn treat yourself to a drink and enjoy jumping into the movie!

2.Pick your favorite bar and go for a drink solo!

Being able to enjoy your own company BY yourself is the greatest gift! You cannot possibly ask anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself! I’m a true believer that you need to love your reflection and your soul! Go for a drink, bring the latest monthly magazine (recommend InStyle!) and people watch!

3.Try anal

only kidding! I’m the worlds biggest prude and always remember the quote by Charlotte York “ no man will ever marry the up the butt girl! “! I’m sitting with my husband and he’s asking why I’m frantically ‘texting’ so I joked about this post and number 1 was anal! But maybe I will change this to ‘experiment’ !!

4. Spend money on an item you never thought you’d be able to justify!

Sometimes you just need to have a f**k it moment! You can always save more! Mines is Jimmy Choos in Paris – ever since I moved ashore and my salary changed my hubs has been the one to justify purchases so he now enjoys the thrill of Gucci, Chanel and Jimmy Choo buying and I’m just the receiver! But nothing beats that feeling … to me!

5.Do a 10k

Yes, I did a 10k years ago… but I did it! And it made me appreciate running! I’m now at 5k mainly because I don’t have more than 30 minutes to work out! But running or fitness is great for your health! Keep on top of it

6.Pole dancing classes

This is the BEST fun! Everyone needs to do this with their girls

7.Girls trip!

Before I moved to the US I never experienced girls trips, nights out yes and my henny but never actual girls trips! I’ve definitely made up for it but it’s a must in all girls lives !

8.See your idol in concert

I finally saw Christina Aguilera in concert this year and she was FABULOUS!

9.Visit Vegas and New York

Two of the best places for two different reasons! They are a MUST! I could spend forever in New York just would need more $$$

10.Present to management

I enjoy presenting and as much as I still get nervous I enjoy the thrill of it! If you haven’t already find a reason to! Face time is everything and helps elevate you! Self promotion is everything

11.Spend a day exploring your city where you live!

Entire day doing touristy things! Note down places you would like to visit and take that day!

12.Take a helicopter ride

I did this in Anchorage in Alaska over the glaciers it was a wonderful pinch me moment!

13.Sing karaoke!

If anyone of you know me well you will know I LOVEEE karaoke but I encourage everyone to do this! It’s so much fun! Embrace the attention!

14.Have an old fashioned

Classic, chic very ‘mad men’ cocktail

15.Spend the day in a spa with treatments

If only I had more free time I would do this more often! Such a relaxing thing to do and awesome for your body!

16.Celebrate the little wins!

Make a big deal of the littlest things because to someone else they might be HUGE

17.Go a week without make-up!

It’s very liberating and honestly natural beauty is the best beauty! Do it for a week and I bet you will view yourself differently

18. Dress up like no one is watching!

I will stop at 18! I think that’s enough to keep you going!

Moral of the story, life is too short! Enjoy ever bloody day!


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