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It’s been a hot minute I took a little social media blogging break! I mean I lasted 12 days but it’s the longest I’ve not done a post in years! Due to work commitments I needed to take the time to organize that aspect of my life!

However, it hasn’t stopped me from testing great products which I’m super pumped to talk about! Tonight I tried out Naisture Aqua vitamin B3, lemon extract and anti mela for uneven, dull skin. It focuses on brightening your skin!

What I love most about it is the three step pampering process! It feels so much more than just a sheet mask.

So step 1 is dual effect whitening and anti wrinkle (hmm wonder how much of a difference it will make knowing I just got topped up with Botox!!). This lays the foundation!

Step 2 is the essence mask which you leave on for 20 minutes (I left for 25!)

Step 3 is anti wrinkle serum for fine lines!

All in all, I took my time and enjoyed the process while painting my nails ( smith & cult number 1972)!

My skin feels radiant, brighter and clearer!skin also feels very soft which is a bonus!


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