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Y’all know I love to spread positivity but also it’s important to be realistic. Everything that’s going on globally with COVID-19 how it’s affecting EVERYONE then add on oil industry downturn on top of it it’s CRAZY!

Because of everything I wanted to share a couple of tips we have done as a household to consolidate and tighten our financial belts as we move into uncertain times! Hopefully this might help others in similar boat! We have tried to budget on one salary, but even doing that it’s easy for your spending to creep up (I’m meaning me and my shopping habits!)

Also, I’ve mentioned it on my LinkedIn profile but if anyone has found themselves out of work please feel free to reach out I’m happy to connect you with my recruitment friends to see how I can help 🌈

Okay… so what have we done!?!

🌈 Remortgaged house to get a better rate – SAVINGS !!
🌈 changed out Christian (my Mercedes) for this sexy beast 👆🏼👆🏼 6 months no payment and then cheaper monthly payment
🌈 above = lower car insurance woohoo
🌈 Cancelled all my beauty subscriptions (bye bye Ipsy and Birchbox)
🌈 moved cubs day care – half what we are paying, closer to Neighborhood (she can go to school with our neighbors!!)

And… from working from home we are saving in Starbucks, lunches, dinners and nights out etc.. so we are trying to transfer as much as we can (might as well take advantage of this lack of social life 😆)

These are just little things we have done to help our cause! Positive thoughts!

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