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Celebrating the small wins!

Firstly, gosh it’s been such a long time since I updated my blog! You would think I have more time on our hands not having a social life anymore, being at home, but I feel it’s been such a hectic crazy 6 months. 6 M O N T H S can y’all believe that!? The world is a completely different place now. I haven’t been to shops, food shopping, mall, restaurant or bars in 6 M O N T H S!

I have to admit, when lockdown initially was rolled out I found it really hard, as I’m a social person, I love seeing my friends, I adore making plans and memories and y’all know I love dressing up. At the start, and having my husband at home along with our 2 year old I REALLY struggled. I felt like a failure in work (it of course was the busiest time due to the market where my company needed FULL attention), failure as a mum; I had all the best intentions everyday but our toddler was a challenge and pushing boundaries because we couldn’t pay her the attention she deserved, and a failure as a wife and friend; I’m usually so on top of topics, conversations and being positive but I found myself being grouchy, moody and a little sad.

I mentioned the Davidson HQ cuts we did in our household, which has made a HUGE difference. I’m not going to lie and say I cut all spending, I have had a NUMBER of purchases, some big and mostly small little ones (which hubs says are worse as they build up… I’m rolling my eyes!) but we are feeling comfortable and in a much better position as we continue through this horrific year!

I was using fitness as an outlet, running and then roller blading… but unfortunately I was involved in a hit and run (literally a cyclist hit me and left… only me this could happen to) so I found myself with a broken elbow, feeling even more frustrated and helpless! However… it’s been 6 weeks and my goodness so much has changed! Our toddler cub is LOVING her new day care, hubs is doing well at work and is in his office (woohoo to quiet time at home), I’m in a much better routine of working from home, doing fitness (running, cycling, exercises and walking has been my savior!). I feel extremely happy, in fact I feel the happiest I’ve felt in years… which is strange right when you think of the madness in the world right now, but finally I have taken much needed time out from constantly being that person who ‘rushes from event to event’ without ever taking the time to just ENJOY THE MOMENT!

Like many of us, I’ve been productive but then I’ve had moments of not being productive. I’m changing my relationship with my body, trying to accept myself and finally love myself inside and out. I still have my mum pouch which honestly I think has grown through lockdown despite my better exercising and eating better… I guess that’s getting older?!

So… what keeps me motivated?! 

–          EXERCISE – every day I have committed to myself I will do at LEAST 30 minutes of something… I’ve always been pretty active and I’m not the type of person to just sit but anyone with kids will know, especially ones who don’t have family, it’s hard to create time for yourself to work out and even harder when you get that time the last thing you sometimes want to do is go work out. I’ve been pushing myself, and I feel so much better for it! I’m super slow at everything I do, but I’m doing it.. and that’s what counts

–          WORK – this might sound crazy to some, but I just LOVE my industry (despite the big cycles!) and I bloody love my company. I feel I’ve finally found a place I can excel through guidance and support and make my mark on an organization – this is what I’ve always dreamt of!

–          FRIENDS – I’ve spoken about friends SO much through this blog, I’m sure it’s obvious friendships are everything to me! I’m a Scorpio and loyal to the core (unless you hurt me..!) but having my amazing friend group has keep me motivated and happy. It’s made me realize how special the relationships I have in my life, and nice that they are mutual, it’s not just me making the effort (at the start of the year one of my resolutions to myself was to stop wasting time on people who don’t put in the effort the same way I do). We have been doing virtual happy hours, quiz nights, social distancing bike rides, walks, cinema and lots of talk of all the trips we will take when we hit normality! I feel very lucky

–          MUSIC – gosh… music is such a huge part of my life and I always knew this but more so seeing how reliant I am going through harder times where I feel sad . I’m doing something exciting tonight with a friend where I’ve picked 8 songs which have significant meaning to me… would you like me to share this list and why?! Think about the songs you would pick!

–          HOME DECORATING – I cannot express how house proud I am… this has been an amazing opportunity to upgrade and decorate where applicable. Next room is our office which I’m sure will help my ‘working frame of mind’ I need to do a post so you can see what we have done in our home – we have been here for 12 months already!! Time flies

SAYING THANK YOU – each morning and evening before I start the day and before I end the day I think in my head for 5-6 minutes of all the things I should be thankful for in my life. Despite how bad your situation may seem there are always positives, or silver linings that come out of the dark. I like to make it my mission to find them!

CELEBRATING THE SMALL WINS – everything is a little bleh right now, so we have made it our point to celebrate every small win, whether at work or personal life or our friends! Everything deserves a celebration!!


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