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Anyone else been doing some home improvements during lockdown?! I’m pretty sure everyone has their hands up right now!

I have to admit, that’s one of the positives that’s come from this, yes saving money and being more money conscious but also looking round at the environment you are spending 24/7 in and looking for opportunities to upgrade or decorate!

We moved into our home JUST over a year ago. This was a new build in Cypress, Texas. I’m obsessed with our neighborhood and our home, it’s honestly the EXACT layout and space I’ve dreamt of! Especially compared to our house back in Scotland! I couldn’t feel any more house proud – like in between meetings sometimes I just walk into our rooms and I just look! That maybe sounded crazy but that’s okay, I’ve accepted myself I’m 31 it’s too late to change!

Alright… so I’ve taken some pictures. The room I’ve missed out is our home office, in August we (I) begin the decorating!! Woohoo can’t wait to complete it! Will keep y’all updated

First up our spare bedroom.

Spare bedroom

Our hallway

Our spare bathroom downstairs

2nd spare bedroom

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