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Okay, so now you have cleaned the surfaces of your kitchen and living room area. Next is looking for home improvements.

Now within reason…. I’m sure all of us what to redecorate, have a number of items on your wish list for furniture but that’s not what this is about. This is a chance to go into each room and hang the frame you’ve been holding on to (hoping hubs will read this and hang the frames in our office !!!), putting up the lights you’ve had sitting for over a month (that’s us! We have drop lights going into the kitchen!).

We have added little things round the house to finish off rooms whether pictures, shelves or towel holders. Inexpensive items that make a big impact.

This is the time to write that list and see what you can get done before end of year!!

Is something broken and you have been holding off from fixing?! Get it fixed now! Don’t wait for next year!


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