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Oooft! Where has time gone! COVID hit along with the terrible oil and gas market conditions and it seems I fell off the blogging ledge!!

This last 18 months have impacted us all differently. I found myself retracting, taking advantage of my family unit time – finally meeting neighbors and making new friends (new friends for Luna Rose who is now 3!!) And taking advantage of life being on pause. I have found myself enjoying the more natural things – walking, peloton (that deserves its own post!) no make-up, leaving my hair, not caring about what I’m wearing like everyday is a catwalk which has been positive to find other things more important!

My skincare routine has improved significantly! I will go into that in more detail, but I wanted to showcase some make-up products now I’m back to work I’m LOVING. I’m all about the quick easy makeup routine that I can do daily within 5 minutes!! So here goes….!

Tula rose eye balm – I use this every morning after my eye cream and it instantly brightens my under eyes. Even if I stayed up late, you wouldn’t know!

Tarte under eye concealer – I love IT Cosmetics but more recently have switched to Tarte – they have a brightening highlighter version which I switch between depending on any blemishes , pimples or areas I want to cover up!

ICONIC LONDON brow silk – we have seen laminating brows is very ‘in’ right now…! This is an amazing way to get this look without the permanent nature!

Glossier Highlighter Stick – I’m the biggest fan of Glossier… more so after this year! They have the best highlighter stick I’ve ever tried (usually my favorite is iconic London or Tula!)

Glossier Generation G … all lip colors – my favorite being JAM and ZIP but I’m obsessed with their matte lip colors!

Glossier Cloud Paint – blusher in liquid form which I’m more liking opposed to powder. I have all the colors and switch them up or mix depending on what m trying to achieve.

Tarte Blusher Stick – I switch sometimes with Tarte blusher if I’m not looking for such a pigmented look compared to Glossier

thrive mascara and brow – nothing compares to Thrive – it’s incredible and comes off soooo easily! It’s an actual game changer


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