a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Rent the Runway dress, Zara bag & Jimmy Choos

Well, I dare even look at the last time I submitted a blog post to this website… as I’m pretty sure it’s coming up to nearly a year which is crazy! If yesterday taught me anything it’s the value in looking after the spaces you own in the World Wide Web… ie my website after Instagram and Facebook freaked out!

So what’s been happening?! Well… in the world of fashion I finally caved and signed up to ‘rent the runway’ – If COVID being stuck at home it made me appreciate fashion, what fashion means to me and the fact I am lucky enough to work for a company that has such a nice beautiful office I can use it as my catwalk… PLUS I mean who doesn’t love dressing up and not having to pay full price for an item in normal circumstances couldn’t afford?! If anyone is debating it – FD says go for it!

Podcast Real Beauty kicked off start of the year, season 1 & 2 was so much fun then took a break for the summer and about to edit and finish recording season 3 which will be coming out VERY soon – and it’s moved from being about what products and make-up items are a must to actually what beauty means to people and taking this conversation one step further. I feel like it’s been a therapy session for myself… and Its been an incredible learning experience!

Therapy… well I also started therapy for myself in January… and continued the program for 5 months – honestly I was never a ‘fan’ of it, I didn’t really get it nor think it would help but I addressed and faced up to a lot and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done, hardest but best! Anyone struggling to deal with things from the past, or maybe becoming a mama like me and wanting to ensure you don’t follow the same path as your patents – break the cycle!

Make-up … I mean I can’t not touch on my OBSESSION for Glossier Lip Sticks Generation G is genius and Armani Lip Power is also a FAV of mine – is it because we are semi out of masks and I’m taking advantage of being able to have lipstick and we are going places?!?

Skin care… Oooft! This deserves a post of its own… so will stop it here and promise I will be better with my blogging – I’ve fell out of sync a little bit – life has got in the way but writing and expressing myself is what I love – this is my little space and I intend to use it!

Hit me up with topics of interest … especially for podcast series !


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