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Don’t tell me I’m the only one with the dilemma of carrying the worlds largest laptop bag (well… it’s a Kate Spade Tote that fits my laptop!) along with all the other items I seem to accumulate over the work week, and then once I finally make it to my desk to dump all my ‘stuff’ I am then carrying in my hands a note book, phone, my badge, something for my lips and my card – I mean how do I even manage and what must I look like carrying this all from meeting to meeting.

So… I’m a genius! I decided to purchase a super cute small crossbody (which I picked burgundy… sparkle of course!) to keep at work for my internal meetings – big enough to hold the items that are work essential without carrying around in my hands or with my big purse!

Feeling even more excited and prepared for the work year ahead …!! To purchase the cross bodies I’ve been looking at check link out here….


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