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Y’all this has been a bloody game changer for me. I was recommended by several of my friends, over the course of YEARS, but I never pulled the trigger because I didn’t think I could justify it.

Let’s go back to 2020, dare we… it was a tough year for all. I was working from home, wearing joggers and leggings religiously. I didn’t wear make-up for a year and I pretty much ignored my hair. Let’s just say it wasn’t my most fashionable year (but lets discus the positives of all the time I had at home with my baby girl and the work life balance completely flipped the way it should be!).

I feel I’ve only just started enjoying dressing for the office over the last year – in the past I would more buy items for social/weekend wear. I didn’t love spending a lot of money just to wear into an office environment the majority of people wouldn’t appreciate, I never even used to wear make-up, I very much embraced the natural look.

2020, while we were all working from home, enjoying the simpler life, we saved SO much. Then 2021, I went back into the office, and we had a social life. My spending, quite frankly was out of control over the last 4/5 months, I very much had a f**K it mentality.

2022, I’ve realized I need to go back to being a responsible adult, and need to save money again! So, last QTR of the year I signed up to Rent the Runway for 8 pieces a month (I got 40% off my first two months to soften the blow!). Why did I sign up? Well, instead of buying new outfits every month, I thought if I’m able to wear quality pieces to mix with the items I already have it will prevent me from spending more, especially on high street items, that barely last.

I’ve spoken about it on my podcast, this ‘fast fashion’ buying cheap items to keep up with trends, wearing them a couple of times and they never age well.

So far, it has helped SO MUCH! I haven’t been buying dresses BUT I will say, I’ve been investing in items like pants, shoes and accessories to dress up the items. It’s been so much better from a cost effective stand point – my only issue is when RTR offers 70% off a dress I’ve fallen in love with… I find it hard to walk away.

As much as it seems like a lot of money monthly, I promise when you sit down and go through what you have paid out on STUFF that month it will be less. You will also be able to wear designers you wouldn’t usually get access to, mainly because I can’t afford it, nor would want to!

My 2 cents… join Rent the Runway


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